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Our mission is to improve quality care Transitioning across healthcare settings and mentoring/coaching other nurses in their career pathways

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Mentorship- A Critical Tool for advancing your Nursing Career

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Promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare @athenaswan @Tcd


About the book

The world as a whole has a general perception and belief about who healthcare professionals are, should be or must be. Apart from the important code of conducts that defines our standards and scope of practice, there seems to be a strong wall of limitations and restrictions to how a nurse and other healthcare professionals are supposed to behave and live their lives even outside the healthcare settings. 

This book is a special one for all healthcare professionals to all stereotypes and limitations and come into full existence of their purpose as HealthPro within and outside the four walls of the healthcare settings. 


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Rimsha Hashmat India

we are really grateful to nurseola for sharing her candid thoughts and opinions .

Esther Samuel Ireland

Thank youu for your help and I would recommend your services to others.

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